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The First Council Directive, 67/227/EC, took the first steps towards harmonising turnover taxes. Based on this Directive a harmonised turnover tax system was introduced within Europe from 1970 onwards: VAT. Since that date, the VAT system has changed considerably and more changes are still to be expected in the future. What more is, the European Union itself has expanded its borders since then.

Simultaneously, businesses have an increasingly international focus.

As a result, companies are faced with more and more VAT obligations: not just in Belgium, but also in the other EU Member States and even beyond the EU borders.

It’s a tough task for businesses to get up-to-date – and stay that way – with respect to their domestic VAT laws, European VAT directives and jurisprudence, and the domestic VAT laws in other countries. It might be even more challenging to keep the accounts and reporting in line with this ever changing VAT environment as well.

Managing VAT problems whilst at the same time bringing businesses into line with all the different VAT obligations requires a high level of experience and knowledge.

VAT House Services nv, as your global VAT service center, can share this task with you, guide you through the obligations, and even take over your company's VAT obligations with respect to accounts and reports. After all, it is our mission to lighten your administrative burden with respect to VAT, so that your internal VAT team can spend more time on real VAT issues, solutions and analyses.