VAT registrations

Moving in more and more international surroundings sometimes leads to the need for VAT registrations outside your country of residence.

Before beginning the registration procedure, VAT House Services nv will assess your need to register for VAT and investigate the different possible type of registrations (limited registration, global registration, etc.) applicable in the relevant country, on the basis of your specific business requirements.

Understanding the procedure and formalities required to obtain a VAT registration number in other countries is not always obvious. Each country has its own legislation that governs these procedures. Moreover, day-to-day practise and - last but not least - language will differ. Experience shows that no two registration files are identical.

At VAT House Services nv, we make it our business to find the necessary data, to provide you with all information necessary to start and end the procedure efficiently and to guide you through all steps towards obtaining the requested VAT registration.

Of course, VAT House Services nv can continue assist to you after registration with all the other practical aspects of dealing with a VAT registration in another country. Find out more under 'VAT Compliance'.

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