VAT refund

When you, as a taxpayer, have to pay VAT in EU Member States, this VAT should be recoverable, even if you are not established in this EU Member State. Indeed, one of the characteristics of VAT is its neutrality.

Taxpayers who are already registered in the relevant EU Member State and file periodical VAT returns can deduct their VAT on these VAT returns.

However, taxpayers who are not obliged to register for VAT purposes in the relevant EU Member State can also request refunds.  Find out more about our services under the header 'EU' if you are a taxable person seeking to recover VAT in another EU Member State.  If you are a taxable person established outside the EU, you can also reclaim your input VAT under certain conditions.  Please read more under the header 'Non-EU'.

More and more countries outside the EU have implemented the VAT system as well. In some of these countries, non-established taxpayers can request a refund of the VAT paid. Here too, VAT House Services nv can offer you its services.